Plays Well With Others

Play Well with Others

Plays Well With Others

By Jeff Applegate

There is a lot of truth to the theory that much of what we need to be successful as adults we learned by the time we were two. How well we “play with others” is an indicator of our skills to consider and see value in others’ ideas, accept others’ opinions, share in their activities and learn from, grow with and gain benefit from working as a team.

I have been writing on the key attributes that have contributed to the success of a local manufacturing association. One of the questions we asked was why does the city of Houston need another association? There are so many good groups working to put on networking events, socials and educational programs. What we saw was many industry specific or special interest groups that were working to serve the community, train in professional development and provide networking opportunities. There was no common voice and consolidator of the entire manufacturing community.

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At the Greater Houston Manufacturers Association (GHMA), we believe the local manufacturing association should not be in competition with other industry associations or other organizations seeking to support manufacturing. We have employed the strategy to promote anything and anyone who supports manufacturers in Houston. When the Society of Manufacturing Engineers holds an annual exhibition and conference, we promote it. When the Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals holds a monthly meeting, we put it on the community calendar. When APICS is holding monthly meetings or events, we are pleased to promote them in our newsletter or calendar.

There are many industry associations in Houston that are working to support a specific industry and they play an important role in the manufacturing community. The GHMA also maintains collaborative relationships with other non-government organizations such as the Greater Houston Partnership, The Houston Technology Center, The Rice Alliance, SpaceCom and BioHouston. We did not want the GHMA to be just another association competing for members and money from events. The GHMA works to promote the interest of local manufactures in all industries and if there is another association or event that can benefit the community we are pleased to help promote with no expectation of fees of favors. Playing well with other organizations and associations recognizes the value of their efforts and programs. Playing well and collaborating with other organizations increases their visibility, allows more people to benefit and supports the success of the entire community.

The GHMA is focused on helping the owner-operator manufacturing companies build a network of friends and resources, share best practices, work with other community organizations, represent the common interests to local government and grow our revenue. In the weeks to come, I will highlight some of the other benefits of investing time in building a manufacturing community, encourage you to get our of your office, meet your neighbors and bring the manufacturing community together.

Jeff Applegate is the co-founder of the Greater Houston Manufacturers Association and CEO of Texas Injection Molding, which provides plastic injection molding services to companies in Houston and the surrounding region. Learn more about the Greater Houston Manufacturing Association and Texas Injection Molding at and

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