Any manufacturing company can claim to have a staunch work ethic that is passed from upper management on down to the workforce. However, the Benyo brothers put their money where their mouths were in 1996 when their new company, Brilex Industries in Youngstown, Ohio, offered a profit-sharing program with its employees to make sure they worked just as hard as they did.

“I’m proud to say, since 1996, we have given bonus to all employees every quarter and maintained profitability throughout this entire period,” boasts President Brian Benyo, who founded job shop Brilex Industries with his brother, Vice President Alex Benyo. “Alex and I always try to maintain a high level of work ethic and we demonstrate that in the work we put forth to the company through sound management and profitability.”

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Blackhawk Engineering Inc. realizes today’s clients expect their contract manufacturer of choice to serve as a consultant instead of just a job shop. According to Vice President/General Manager John Oltman, Blackhawk Engineering has made a reputation for itself not only through quality products delivered in a timely manner, but also for its ability to assist customers with value-engineering.

“When a customer is developing a new product, we will become involved and renew their new designs with them, and often, we can identify issues that are expensive or next to impossible to produce,” Oltman says. “It gives us an opportunity to create a design that is manufacturable and less costly.”

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The focus of Autoliv’s business is centered on one thing: saving lives. Describing itself as a “safety technology company,” Autoliv uses innovation in its products to save 25,000 lives every year and prevent 10 times as many injuries. Regarding automotive occupant safety, the company was the first to introduce the two- and three-point seat belt system, as well as airbags for side impacts. Autoliv also was the first to launch pyrotechnic belt pretensioners and pedestrian protection systems. With an unparalleled focus on quality, Autoliv has become the market leader in automotive safety.

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Owning dogs and cats can be a challenge, especially when it comes to satisfying their hunger with something that is nutritious, tasty and safe. AFB International has managed to become a global science and technology leader in pet food palatability because the company understands how its ingredients can improve the health and wellness of companion animals.

“Our job is to help create an experience for dogs and cats that will bring them to the bowl so they will get the nutrition they need,” President Jackie Levin says.

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Housed in a 36,000-square-foot facility in Frederick, Md., Carter Control Systems (CCS) specializes in automation and material-handling solutions. Its products are used in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada. CCS’s equipment is used in many settings, including government agencies, manufacturing lines, food processing, packing operations and distribution centers.

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Watry Industries LLC has occupied the exact same facility since its inception in 1959, but it’s far from the same place it was back then. Sales Manager Wayne Bennin says the Sheboygan, Wis.-based aluminum cast foundry has one of the most modern facilities in the industry today, incorporating significant amounts of automation and integrated services. With the ability to provide so many services to its customers as it makes permanent and semi-permanent castings, Watry Industries is on the right track for continued success.

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In 1951, just three years after founding Honda Motor Co., Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa presented the concept of “The Three Joys” to describe the company’s ultimate mission. Honda’s idea that the company should be about the “joy of buying, the joy of selling and the joy of creating” continues to define it more than 60 years later.

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In our fast-paced world, businesses are born and disappear daily. It is unusual to find a company with a history as long as Demerara Distillers in Guyana. The rum distillery can track its roots back to the 1700s, when 300 local sugar cane producers formed an exporting cooperative and started selling the molasses-derived spirits.

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