When ASSA ABLOY, the world’s leading manufacturer of door opening systems, was looking to expand its holdings in the United States recently, one company stood out as being particularly attractive from a operations and product standpoint.

“What attracted us to Ameristar was that their approach to the market was similar to ours,” says Larry Denbrock, president of ASSA ABLOY’s door and perimeter security group, of the company’s November 2013 acquisition of Ameristar Fence Products Inc. “They are creating an end-user demand for security solutions, and their recent move into related products such as bollards, vehicle barriers and gate automation systems allows them to supply a complete solution to end-users and architects that is in line with our philosophy of providing complete door solutions to the architectural community.”

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When it comes to being a provider of UV, only the sun beats American Ultraviolet. “We’re probably the only ultraviolet company that sells in all facets of the UV industry: germicidal, curing and coating,” says Meredith Stines, CEO of the Lebanon, Ind.-headquartered company. “Being in all three of these parts of the UV industry gives us the ability to take our experience with one of these areas and apply it to the other two, giving us more of a wealth of knowledge than many of our competitors have.”

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For more than 100 years, Acme-McCrary has been in the business of designing and manufacturing legwear and seamless garments to the highest standards of quality. CEO Neal Anderson says that even though the company has been a major player in the garment industry for more than a century, it has experienced its most significant growth in the past 10 years. By taking advantage of the best aspects of domestic and overseas manufacturing, Anderson says the company is in a good position to maintain its current growth rate well into the future.

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Washing a vehicle consumes a lot of water, and washing a fleet of large vehicles like trucks, trains and transit buses consumes more. This is environmentally unsound in areas where water is scarce, such as the western United States. But with Westmatic Corp.’s washing systems, up to 85 percent of the wash water can be reused and the remaining water treated before being discharged to the sewer system.

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Traveling wave tubes (TWTs) have been around since the 1950s, and since then the basic concept of this product has remained the same. The way these products are designed and manufactured, however, has improved greatly over the years. 

The devices are still used to take power or energy within a specific frequency band and amplify that power so that more concentrated energy travels out of the TWT. Its smaller counterpart – solid-state high-power amplifiers (SSPAs) – achieve the same purpose but for equipment that require lower power levels. Both TWTS and SSPAs are used in a variety of applications. SSPAs work well in consumer products or testing and measuring equipment while TWTs are used in high-power critical applications such as radar equipment and electronic warfare equipment. Because of that, the engineering and manufacturing of TWT products has to be state of the art and foolproof. 

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Tarus Products has become a global leader in machine tools thanks to its ability to design and manufacture an array of top-quality CNC machine tools, numerical control systems (CNC) and coordinate measuring machines. Based in Sterling Heights, Mich., the Tarus Products sales and service network includes locations in Sweden, India, China, Japan and Australia. By having distributors and service centers located in Asia, Europe and Australia, Tarus can provide a high level of after-sale support to customers.

Serving a diverse group of customers, Tarus Products serves a number of industries. 

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As a contract manufacturer of aerospace components and assemblies, Sun Country Industries knows how critical its job is in the overall aerospace industry. 

“There is a continuous emphasis on quality in our industry,” explains Lee Erickson, senior vice president and general manager. “One of our customers had a meeting recently about a ‘supplier call to action’ where they wanted to make certain all suppliers were involved in delivering a quality product that our customer can sell to their customers. It involves accountability, commitment, employee involvement, analytics and prevention.” 

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When you see a NASCAR program that features scenes shot from the inside of a driver’s car, there’s a good chance that footage was stored with the help of Spectra Logic Corp., Chief Technology Officer Matthew T. Starr says. Its products are used to store digital footage from those cameras, in the event that NASCAR will “repurpose it in the future,” he says.

For instance, if a driver places fourth in one race and even higher in another, that footage may be used to “show a progression of him racing,” Starr says. “[We give] them the ability to keep everything.”

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