For people living in the northern hemisphere, with snowy and icy winters, there isn’t a more welcoming sight than a snowplow clearing a path in the road, spreading salt or sand during a snowstorm. The right equipment and the right amount of equipment available to a municipality is the difference between maintaining productivity and stopping the normal flow of life for those communities.

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In 2011, U.S. e-retail sales reached $202 billion, this year they are estimated to top out at $226 billion, and sales will continue to grow each year, so much so that U.S. retailers are expected to see $327 billion in online sales by 2016, according to Forrester Research. Distribution centers are busy, but even with all of that revenue coming in via the Internet, few businesses can afford to waste money in any aspect of their operations. Box On Demand helps online retailers – as well as numerous other markets – ensure their packaging and shipping remain as cost-efficient as possible.

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In today’s world of heightened environmental consciousness, the construction, commercial and industrial markets are on notice to be green. With many factors to consider, achieving small carbon footprints does not come easy for any business, so they look for help in reaching those goals. Nuform Building Technologies Inc. is one firm that is ready to use its innovative products to help clients go green and add value to their operations.

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As the business world expands deeper into digital information storage, demand grows for larger data storage hardware that occupy less physical space while providing uncompromised reliability. With 33 years in the data storage industry, Spectra Logic of Boulder, Colo., has been at the forefront of an industry that changes with the speed of technology while developing specialized applications for each of its clients’ specific needs.

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The force behind American commerce is defined by more than merely the drive for financial profit. It goes beyond goal setting and strategic planning. It’s rooted in the strength of human character, inspired by a resolve that refuses to admit defeat, and an unyielding determination that presses on in spite of overwhelming odds. It’s the indomitable will of the American Spirit.

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Camoplast Solideal Inc. is all about gaining traction, and that’s why the company refuses to stand still as the market changes around it. Since 1958, Camoplast has been manufacturing rubber tracks for snowmobiles, but over time the company has expanded its offerings to reach into the on- and off-road vehicle, agriculture, construction, defense and industrial markets. In the powersports market, which includes snowmobiles and ATVs, Camoplast holds a dominant position but never stops working to improve, according to Powersports Sales & Marketing Director Bruce Dashnaw. With the needs of customers and OEMs continually evolving and adapting, Camoplast must adapt and evolve itself.

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Dan Brooks and Leif Anderson started Rhino Assembly Corporation in July 2000 in Charlotte, NC. The company focused on providing technical products such as intelligent assembly tools, torque-measuring equipment, and ergonomic lift assists to assembly plants located throughout the southeastern United States. The first nine years of business provided steady growth for the company, but in 2009, when the economy took a turn for the worse, the company stumbled into a major roadblock and teetered on the brink of disaster. Rhino’s founders did not give up and now, three years later, they are projecting aggressive growth, and plan to extend their sales territories and double their workforce by 2016.

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When an eighth of an inch deviation can be the difference between flight or fail, only the most accurate measuring technologies will do. Fields such as the aerospace industry demand tools that enable them to achieve the highest level of accuracy in the assembly of critical components, such as wingspans and joints. That accuracy is possible thanks to laser trackers developed by Dr. Kam Lau, the founder of Automated Precision Inc.

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