At Greenpoint Technologies, control over quality starts with control over supply. As a premier Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) Completion Center, the company creates superior aircraft products and VIP interior completions exclusively for Boeing aircraft. The custom-made projects are tailored for private high-net-worth individuals and heads-of-state. 

Last year, Greenpoint completed three Boeing 747-8 Aeroloft® projects and two BBJ interiors, all delivered on time.  It is currently focused on a full Boeing 747-8 VIP interior completion project and recently won its first airline contract. The build‐to‐print and testing program includes manufacturing interior bar units, coat closets and video control cabinets for eight Boeing 777‐200 aircraft planned for delivery prior to December 2014. With the amount of work going forward, CEO and President Scott Goodey says it’s necessary for the 25-year-old company to keep a tight rein on its supply chain, focusing on quality as well as cost. 

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Taking on large and complex projects is a staple of Canada’s Empire Iron Works Ltd. The company has been putting its skilled labor force to work on challenging projects for more than five decades.

Incorporated in 1958 in Winnipeg, Empire Iron Works has spent the past 50-plus years building for industrial, institutional and commercial applications. Today, the company is headquartered in Winnipeg, has all office functions in Edmonton and a shop in Wabamun, Alberta.

“Most of our work is done in Alberta although we have had several projects in British Columbia and a few smaller in the Northwest Territories,” General Manager Andy Boelee says. 

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For Cormer Group Industries Inc., things are moving along quite nicely these days. In fact, the aerospace and defense manufacturer is expanding and opening two new plants in North America. Several new aerospace contracts and another new defense contract are fueling the company’s current growth.

Its 35,000-square-foot, growing to 80-worker Miramichi, New Brunswick, facility is opening this September, and a 60,000-square-foot, growing to 200-employee factory is slated to open in Querétaro, Mexico, in 2014. The new facilities demonstrate the execution of Cormer’s strategy of globalization, says Leo Sousa, president of Cormer Group Industries and operations manager and president of Cormer Defense.

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The name of the game for sawmills is obtaining the most board feet of lumber from each log. The size of a log is not the only determinant of how much lumber can be obtained from it. Its quality – the number of knots and other imperfections – affect each log’s utilization and even the markets to which its lumber can be sold. That is why the vision scanning technology that Comact provides for its wood processing equipment is so crucial to sawmills.

The decision about how to cut a log to maximize the value of the lumber obtained from it has evolved from human observation to the incorporation of increasingly more sophisticated technologies to scan a log and determine its best use.

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It’s said that success changes people, but it can also change companies. In the case of C&D Zodiac Inc., success not only changed the firm, but also resulted in it being split in two, Paul Wile says.

The firm, which manufactures aircraft interior products, is part of Zodiac Aerospace, a France-based provider of aerospace equipment and systems. In 2012, C&D Zodiac experienced growth with the sales of its composite seat shells business, which form the environment of business class seats on planes.

“Demand [for the shells] exploded in the industry,” Wile explains. “Zodiac managed a successful and long-running composite business and thought it would be a great [increase to] seat shell business in this area.” 

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Some companies limit themselves to a single niche, but not Busch USA. Instead, President Charles W. Kane says, Busch USA offers products that meet the needs of many industry sectors. “We sell to more than 50 different industries,” he declares.

Based in Virginia Beach, Va., Busch USA manufactures vacuum pumps and systems for industrial vacuum users for markets such as pharmaceutical and chemical, foodservice, vacuum packaging, oil and gas, and semiconductor, Kane says.

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BE Peterson is unlike many of its competitors in the metal fabrication field, and Vice President of Business Development Daniel Szczurko says the reasons why it is different also are the reasons why the company has been a solid presence in the marketplace for more than 75 years. The company was founded by the Peterson family in Massachusetts in 1935, and since that time it has grown into a metal fabricator capable of working with major customers to produce highly complicated components. 

Szczurko says the most unique aspect of BE Peterson is how it serves its customer base. Many metal fabricators build components to customers’ specifications on a per-order basis, but BE Peterson works to provide contract-manufacturing services to some clients on a daily basis. The most prominent example of this model is the company’s work for Phillips Medical, for which BE Peterson manufactures most of the metal components for the super-magnets used in MRI machines. Szczurko says this has grown into a significant portion of the company’s business over the years, giving BE Peterson a daily flow of contract manufacturing work to keep it busy.

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When the manufacturing industry is called upon to innovate and grow the economy as a result, many turn to Northrop Grumman to see what it is doing. In fact, the company’s mission is to be “at the forefront of technology and innovation, delivering superior capability in tandem with maximized cost efficiencies.”

AOA Xinetics, a business unit of Northrop Grumman, shares the passion for innovation of its parent. Based in Cambridge, Mass., AOA Xinetics uses its advanced engineering and manufacturing capabilities to develop a variety of standard and custom electro-optic and opto-mechancial systems. 

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