Watry Industries LLC has occupied the exact same facility since its inception in 1959, but it’s far from the same place it was back then. Sales Manager Wayne Bennin says the Sheboygan, Wis.-based aluminum cast foundry has one of the most modern facilities in the industry today, incorporating significant amounts of automation and integrated services. With the ability to provide so many services to its customers as it makes permanent and semi-permanent castings, Watry Industries is on the right track for continued success.

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In 1951, just three years after founding Honda Motor Co., Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa presented the concept of “The Three Joys” to describe the company’s ultimate mission. Honda’s idea that the company should be about the “joy of buying, the joy of selling and the joy of creating” continues to define it more than 60 years later.

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In our fast-paced world, businesses are born and disappear daily. It is unusual to find a company with a history as long as Demerara Distillers in Guyana. The rum distillery can track its roots back to the 1700s, when 300 local sugar cane producers formed an exporting cooperative and started selling the molasses-derived spirits.

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The 2010 merger of equals between Snyder’s of Hanover and Lance Inc. was a sensible marriage. The two companies both made a variety of snacks such as pretzels, crackers, cookies and chips sold in grocery stores and convenience stores nationwide. When these two like-minded companies joined forces to form Snyder’s-Lance, it created an even stronger organization. Two years after the merger, the company is still steadily on the track to becoming a stronger and more unified entity.

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Time is money, and when it takes thousands of hours to cut plastics injection molds from steel, every second that can be saved counts. “An entire mold like an eight-cavity mold – if it’s not too complex – may run about 1,200 to 1,400 man-hours to build,” estimates Len Graham, Rexam Mold Manufacturing business unit leader. “A mold that is larger – like a 128-cavity, two-face mold – that can take 6,000 to 7,000 man-hours. You’ll mess around with those things for months.

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Remington Arms Co. COO Kevin Miniard spent many years in the automotive industry before joining the nation’s oldest firearms manufacturer, and in that time he learned a lot. He started his career working on the line at a Toyota plant in Kentucky, and within a few years he became one of the key people establishing the operations group for a new plant in Indiana, eventually running operations for Chrysler and several suppliers to the industry, as well. In that time, Miniard says he was witness to the remarkable operational changes that came out of Toyota and soon came to dominate the automotive industry.

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World-class quality, service and manufacturing techniques are the backbone to the success of Multimedia Games Inc. (MGAM) and the key to providing its customers with a viable video gaming device. “This is a direct result of attention to detail, from the acceptance of an order to robust assembly and the inspection documentation used to manufacture and validate each unit,” maintains Gary S. Kloc, vice president – manufacturing operations.

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A Wisconsin-based design/build  contractor with 56 years of experience building manufacturing facilities is taking the next big step in its ongoing evolution.

MSI General Corp.’s Eco/Design Build program, launched in 2009, offers clients in the industrial sector and other markets high-performance building options regardless of whether they wish to seek formal LEED certification through the U.S. Green Building Council.

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