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Utah recognizes many of its companies that demonstrate cutting-edge innovation. 

Eight innovations were announced as winners in the 15th annual Utah Innovation Awards, presented by Stoel Rives LLP and the Utah Technology Council. This statewide program recognizes product, operational and technological innovations, as well as the Utah companies that created them.

The 2017 Utah Innovation Award winners are as follows: 

  • Computationally Intelligent Discovery Engine by Recursion Pharmaceuticals - Recursion Pharmaceuticals has combined the best elements of automated biology and artificial intelligence to create a computationally intelligent drug discovery platform that is capable of finding new drugs and new ways to use old drugs, while simultaneously working on many diseases in parallel. 
  • KiBand by Kilife Tech Inc. - Kiband currently holds two patents pending and one provisional application for mobile proximity, mesh networking and child safety. Kiband begins with BLE, then adds accelerometer data, machine learning and multi-path fading technology to improve the resolution of radio proximity measurements by 12 times. This allows parents of small children to adjust mobile boundaries that alert both parent and child within about 4 feet of accuracy. 
  • Lucidchart by Lucid Software Inc. - Lucidchart is the web's leading diagramming and flowchart application. This intuitive, cloud-based solution is redefining the way people drive innovation through visual thinking and real-time collaboration. Lucidchart is utilized in more than 175 countries by more than 10 million users. 
  • ProSlab 155 Automated Turf Harvester by FireFly Automatix Inc. - The ProSlab 155 automated turf harvester leverages sophisticated controls to enable a hybrid of electric and hydraulic systems. It robotically cuts and stacks turfgrass with improved quality and less fuel. With GPS guidance and connectivity, it is on the cutting edge of agriculture. 
  • SNO-GO by SNO-GO - SNO-GO merges skiing with downhill mountain biking. The familiar motions of mountain-bike riding are paired with snow skis designed for all types of snow conditions, creating an experience for riders of any skill level.
  • Taxzilla - Taxzilla starts by gathering some basic information about clients and how they earn their living.  From there, Taxzilla matches them with local CPAs who specialize in their line of work.  Once matched, the CPA and Tax Team help clients create goals and plans to make sure they can keep as much money as possible in their pockets. Taxzilla provides tools like receipt keeping, coaching and training to help clients track goals week by week. 
  • Vutiliti Pulse by Vutiliti - Vutiliti gathers and provides real-time information on utility usage (electric, gas, water, renewables) so that consumers, businesses and governments can monitor and budget utility usage. Vutiliti’s mobile and web programs guide consumers to actual consumption reduction, saving them money while reducing usage of water, gas and electricity generation. 
  • Xenocoscope by Xenocor - Each year, more than 7 million patients throughout the world undergo laparoscopic procedures, more than 2 million women undergo diagnostic hysteroscopies and more than a million patients undergo video-assisted thoracoscopic procedures in the United States alone. The benefits of such direct visualization laparoscopic techniques are well documented and include convenience, accuracy and patient acceptability. 

A committee of approximately 80 professionals from private industry, government and higher education evaluated and voted on program finalists and winners. The more than 100+ nominations were put through a rigorous evaluation process during which committee members evaluated each innovation against a wide range of criteria addressing elements such as novelty, market need, market disruption and potential/current economic impact.

The program is sponsored by Webb Audio Visual Communication, STEM Action Center of Utah, Utah Business Magazine, Grant Thornton, GENCOMM, Chase Busath Films, The Governor’s Office of Economic Development, The Leonardo, GoEngineer, USTAR, ConsultNet and BioUtah.

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