Augusta Fiberglass is a master at designing and creating fiberglass vessels large and small.

By Jim Harris

Augusta Fiberglass’ ability to meet its customers’ needs, no matter how large or complicated, makes it a leader in the fiberglass fabrication industry. “Our attention to safety, world-class engineering, modern fabrication techniques and employee relations set us apart,” the Blackville, S.C.-based manufacturer says.

One of Augusta Fiberglass’ recent clients experienced Augusta Fiberglass’ capabilities first-hand when it contracted the company to demolish and replace large diameter metal ducts with fiberglass in a Florida power plant.


Hatch Stamping celebrates 65 years of growth and innovation. 

By Kat Zeman

When it comes to longevity, businesses with staying power have three traits in common: customer focus, a willingness to enter uncharted territory and a relationship with the communities in which they operate. Hatch Stamping Company has operated under this philosophy for more than six decades.

A manufacturer of highly engineered metal stampings and assemblies for the automotive industry, Hatch Stamping is celebrating its 65th anniversary this year.

“We’re very proud of our longevity,” President and COO Dan Craig says. “We attribute our success to understanding and focusing on customer needs, along with vertical integration and investment in technology to support those needs. Ultimately, though, I believe it’s our commitment to integrity and the communities in which we work that forms our strong foundation. We’ve achieved growth without sacrificing the values our company was founded on.”


RenewAire systems recapture heat and humidity otherwise lost during ventilation to reduce energy consumption and increase indoor air quality.

By Tim O’Connor

Most people take it for granted, but the air quality of their workplace is a major contributor to their overall health and productivity. A 2015 Harvard study published in Environmental Health Perspectives found that workers in environments with low concentrations of volatile organic compounds and enhanced ventilation scored twice as well on cognitive performance tests as workers in conventional environments.

The issue of indoor air quality has only become more pronounced as energy efficiency building standards have encouraged builders to design airtight structures that leak less heat and conditioned air. Triple-glazed windows and dense foam insulated walls may trap heat or cool air, but they also restrict ventilation, allowing for more buildup of bioeffluents such as carbon dioxide.

“What we’re not realizing is poor indoor air quality has a negative impact on the physiology of the human body,” says Nick Agopian, vice president of sales and marketing at RenewAire, a manufacturer of energy recovery ventilation (ERV) systems. The company’s products are known for reducing energy use, but the savings realized also helps builders justify increasing the amount of ventilation to ensure pollutants are expelled and more fresh oxygen gets pumped into the building. At a minimum, Agopian says RenewAire’s ERV systems can triple the intake of outdoor air as required by building code standards, leading to a healthier environment for anyone who lives or works within the structure.


Trans-Matic’s dedication to quality and manufacturing is leading it to a major milestone.

By Jim Harris

Trans-Matic Manufacturing Inc.’s family oriented culture and ability to produce highly precise deep drawn components greatly contribute to its longevity.

The Holland, Mich.-headquartered company will celebrate its 50th anniversary next year. “This is a milestone achievement for a company of our size,” Vice President of Sales and Marketing Adam Briggs says. “We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished as a small, family owned company with a global presence across our multiple markets. We’re excited to celebrate our success, however we look forward to future growth and opportunities with our customers.”

Oerlikon AM citim Germany advanced component production01 copy

Oerlikon Group aims to become the leading integrated provider of materials, design expertise and production service for advanced metal AM components. By Bianca Herron

Oerlikon Group (SIX: OERL) is a leading global technology firm with more than 100 years of industry experience. The Swiss company has a global footprint of 13,500 employees at more than 170 locations in 37 countries.

IMG 0026 copy

MIM brings new life to scrap metal through recycling.

By Alan Dorich

Midwest Industrial Metals (MIM) has more than 35 years in the metal recycling industry, but the collective expertise of its staff exceeds even that number. “We’ve [got] 150 to 200 years of experience just within the upper management group,” Vice President Chuck Dreyfuss says. “Our personnel are pretty seasoned.”

6 82754 Penn Central GG1 flt1 copy

Lionel Trains rolls into the future with modern features on its classic model trains.

By Chris Kelsch

When Lionel LLC President Howard Hitchcock hopped aboard the company in 2010, he already knew something about the responsibility that comes with working for beloved brands. He began his career with Lenox China and then moved into the world of collectibles with Waterford Crystal and the Hamilton Collection, known for its figurines.

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