Cathodic protection is, essentially, peace of mind. For metal structures that are partially or completely buried or submerged, defending against corrosion is essential for protecting the investment and keeping productivity high. That’s why customers in industries including mining, marine and oilfield production value a supplier that can provide them with high-quality cathodic protection equipment reliably and quickly. Those principles have kept Houston’s Brance-Krachy Co. Inc. in business for more than 75 years, and the company says they will continue to be the foundation of its success well into the future. 

Editor’s Note: Leland Snow passed away on Feb. 20, 2011, while jogging near his home in Wichita Falls, Texas. “Leland’s sudden passing was a shock to us all – we thought he’d be around forever,” says Kristin Edwards, vice president of sales and Snow’s daughter. “But we are so blessed that Leland’s legacy is this strong and vibrant company, which has benefitted so many people around the world. We’re glad that Leland left this world so happy about Air Tractor’s success and so excited about our prospects for the future. With the training, guidance, and inspiration he provided to all Air Tractor employees, we’re confident that Air Tractor will achieve his goals.” The following interview was conducted in December 2010. 

Imagineering Finishing Tech­n­o­l­ogies’ (IFT) complicated metal-finishing work – which utilizes more than 10,000 custom, detailed work in­structions to finish more than 30,000 jobs each year – requires a highly skilled work force. The Indiana company utilizes knowledge-based training and back-office tools to satisfy its customers’ stringent requirements. 

Gardner Denver is proof that a successful company never stops trying to improve itself. Already a leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of compressors, pumps and blowers and marking its 150th anniversary last year, the company has recently undertaken a massive culture shift toward leaner production and a stronger concentration on listening to the customer. Gary Gillespie, Director of Sales and Marketing for the compressor business within the Industrial Products Group, says the initiative is the passion of CEO Barry Pennypacker, who was named to the position in early 2008. 

Throughout its manufacturing process, Faubion Associates Inc. says it operates with the goal of exceeding its customers’ expectations. Based in Dallas, the firm specializes in architectural millwork and custom fixtures. “We use the finest in materials, competitive pricing and premium quality workmanship to create solutions that conform to [the] specified design intent,” Faubion Associates declares. “We take pride in keeping our manufacturing simple, on-budget and on-time.”

Many of us have met a person in our life that reminds us that our course of action was the right way to go and offered hints when the de­sired path might not be for the best. Whether it’s a parent, teacher, older relative, a sibling, etc., a solid mentor can deftly guide an advisee toward success that could surpass their own.

When companies are asked about their expertise, they usually talk about their products. For Euro-Rite Cabinets, however, its forte is all about custo­mer satisfaction. “We are very driven to satisfy our customers, make them successful and we become successful,” President and owner Bill Long­man says, noting that the company serves cabinet dealers primarily in western Canada, but have dealers in eastern Canada, the United States, Mexico, Japan and China. “Our major competitors are huge companies, and us being smaller makes us focus on quality control.”

EMAG LLC is a company that likes to stay ahead of the competition when it comes to solving difficult machining problems, CEO Peter Loetzner says. “We work very closely with a lot of leading manufacturers,” he says. “They often come to us [for] solutions that others cannot provide.”

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