For nearly 40 years, commercial and military vessels sailing around the perimeters of the Hawaiian Islands have relied on Marisco Ltd. for its premier industrial and marine services. Founded in 1972 by Presi­dent Fred Anawati, Marisco prides itself on its reputation for safety, quality, timeliness and efficiency. 

Companies that operate in multiple states often run into the vexing problem of in-house competition. A company headquartered on the West Coast with facilities in the South or Midwest may have to deal with each branch trying to out-do the other in order to prove its worth to the CEO. However, at Marietta Corp., senior leaders at each facility actively share best practices with their out-of-state counterparts because they know what benefits one, benefits all.

From its humble beginnings of helping scientists unlock the secrets of the atom to its present role of helping the United States fight terrorism and seek protection from countries with uncertain nuclear ambitions, radiation detection has played a fundamental role in keeping the public safe throughout the nuclear age. Founded in 1962 by President Don Ludlum, Ludlum Mea­surements Inc. (LMI) has become one of the leading suppliers of radiation detection and measurement equipment to the United States and abroad.

It’s not as weighty a question as “To be or not to be?” but “Paper or plastic?” might be just as frequently debated as any philosophical question in the modern day. For South Carolina-based Hilex Poly Co., however, the choice is clear. As one of the world’s largest recyclers of plastic shopping bags, Hilex Poly argues that plastic bags are the more eco-friendly choice over paper.

Hagadone Printing Co. in Hawaii does just what its name suggests. The Hawaii-based manufacturer provides services for digital, commercial and publication printing as well as for special markets such as printing for local conventions and product packaging. However, in recent years, the company has branched out into many related services that make it so much more than just a printing company.

Largely known for its stainless steel sinks, Franke Kitchen Systems also supplies range hoods, faucets, water filtration, waste disposal products and a multitude of integrated accessories. Celebrating 100 years since its founding in 1911, the Swiss-based, $3.5 billion Franke Corp. is solely owned by Michael Pieper. He leveraged the Swiss reputation for quality and luxurious products and services like watches, chocolate and banking to maintain explosive growth in the last 20 years, declares Charles Lawrence, general manager of the luxury products group of Franke Kitchen Systems in Hatfield, Pa.

For Fox Products Corp., the use of modern manufacturing machinery and traditional hand-crafting methods are not mutually exclusive. The South Whitley, Ind., musical instrument maker applies modern concepts including value stream mapping to its operations while still relying on hand assembly and other time-tested techniques.

For more than 50 years, Formsprag Clutch has been a leader in the design, manufacture and delivery of reliable precision power transmission products to a variety of industries. The Warren, Mich.-based manufacturer prides itself on providing one of the broadest lines of overrunning clutches and backstops, and for maintaining the highest standards of quality – ISO 9001  – for more than 18 years, says Mike Travis, manager of sales and marketing.

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