Sometimes image really is everything. Other days, timing is everything. At Anchor Glass Manufac­turing, image and timing reign supreme every day. In the world of glass bottling, industry giants such as  D.P.S.G, Heinz and Anheuser-Busch need the best packaging for their product and they need it yesterday. As a contract manufacturer for these and other well-known brands, Anchor Glass Container Corp. has been delivering the right image at the right time for the past 24 years.

Incorporated in 1996, EMTEQ quickly has grown into a worldwide leader in the manufacture of innovative products for the aviation industry. The New Berlin, Wis.-based company specializes in avionics systems integration, interior and exterior lighting, and cabin connectivity and power products for the commercial, military, helicopter and air transport markets. It serves airframe and avionics equipment OEMs, system integrators, modification centers, engineering and leasing firms, and military subcontractors.

With commodity production often going offshore, the United States be­comes more in danger of losing its manufacturing capability. But some domestic manufacturers are combining auto­mation with highly trained employees to provide solutions that – if not sexy – are at least attractive.

Delivering all types of industrial gasses is the most expensive part of the operation, considering the labor and fuel costs involved. So whatever can be done to reduce the number of deliveries is helpful. Delivering gass­es under pressure in thermos-like tanks that keep the gasses 200 to 400 below zero degrees Fahrenheit can provide far more volume than warm­er, low-pressure storage.

For 50 years, Ace Clearwater Enterprises has specialized in making other people’s products. “If it’s made out of metal, formed, welded and machined, we can make darn near everything,” Vice President Gary Johnson says.

The key to Gala Industries Inc.’s success involves more than just manufacturing high quality machines. “Equipment similar to ours is made in other countries by different competitors, but where we are set apart is our technology and our ability to service the customer afterward, traveling to their site and personally helping them with their issue,” Vice President Mike Dudding says.

In the last few years, Senior Sys­tems Technology (SST) Inc. has been named Boeing’s Supplier of the Year, received the Raytheon IDS Supplier Excellence Award and was honored as a Distinguished Supplier by ITT. Many electronics manufacturers promise quality and service, but SST is gaining the attention of customers big and small by combining the state-of-the-art capabilities, technology and equipment of a large manufacturing operation with the dedication and loyal service levels of a much smaller firm.

A valve or flame arrester on a tank storing flammable liquids is a necessity for safety that few people think about anymore. It is taken for granted nowadays, whereas in 1925, when Protectoseal Co. was founded, fumes from gasoline, naphtha and kerosene could endanger employee health and be potential fire hazards.

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