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With approximately 110 years of experience in creating grinding machines – primarily for the automotive industry – Cinetic Landis is fully confident in the strength of its operations. But the company does not simply use its expertise to lead the grinding machine market; this division of Paris-based Fives Group is focused on creating “the manufacturing systems of the future” by ensuring it develops machines and systems that are highly automated and customized to meet its clients’ diverse needs.

The employees at Bright Coop Inc. have a saying, “If you eat chicken, we probably helped put it on your plate.” It’s fairly likely, considering the 60-year-old company has manufactured and distributed poultry handling equipment across the world. In fact, since it is a leading innovator, it not only helps the chicken get to consumer’s plates, but it gets it there faster and more efficiently, as well.

As go the fates of small- and medium-sized U.S. manufacturers, so go the fortunes of Ellison Technologies Automation (ET-A). Director of Operations Blake Consdorf and his staff incorporate this fact into every part of the division’s operations in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

At Comex Group, “paint” is another word for “passion.” A leader in the fabrication and distribution of architectural paint and coatings in North America, Comex is one of the top four in its market, and with the 2004 acquisition of Professional Paint Inc. (PPI), it garnered more than 100 years of industry history and experience. This experience, coupled with the group’s intense love for the paint industry, is the driving force behind the success of a company that continues to dominate in its field.

Just by virtue of being one of the top-five manufacturers of instrumentation fittings and valves in the world, SSP stands out in the industry. However, the company has another quality that makes it even more exceptional and it is adamant about holding onto that quality.

It takes a lot to tie seven major customer bases together, but New England Ropes has the rope capable of doing it. Since 1967, the Massachusetts-based company has been manufacturing high-performance ropes that serve almost every purpose, from helping movie stuntmen pull off amazing feats to providing a lifeline for the U.S. armed forces.

When the historic cellulose plant in Port Alice closed its doors in 2004, loyal employees on the northwest coast of Vancouver Island believed it would be put to good use. “A lot of the employees from Port Alice that remained here while the mill was closed for 15 months had placed a lot of faith in this place and stuck around, and ultimately were rewarded,” President and CEO Bob Taylor relates.

In any industry, in any market sector, it’s no secret that the more value a company provides to its customers, the more competitive it will be in the marketplace. When Claro Precision was its own private entity, the company had established itself as a reliable producer of precision-machined steel and aluminum components and assemblies for the major aerospace OEMs in the Montreal area such as Bombardier and Bell Helicopter Textron.

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