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Since 1980, Andantex has been a leading provider of high-tech motion control components and systems. All sales, manufacturing, engineering and after-market support are located at the company’s headquarters in Wanamassa, N.J., including the assembly, service and manufacturing of Anglgear® right-angle gearboxes.

Eddy Gibbs, owner of Ameristar Fence Products Inc., is so proud of the Tulsa, Okla.-based company’s “speed of business” model that he has “SPDOFBZ” on his license plate. With a focus on lean manufacturing and Six Sigma principles, as well as a dedicated workforce, Ameristar uses the fast pace of its operation and extensive in-house capabilities to provide a competitive price point. This is just one reason why it has become the largest ornamental fence manufacturer in the world.

After more than 50 years, Alto-Shaam Inc. has become a leader in its industry, Vice President of Marketing John Muldowney says. “[We hold] the No. 1 or No. 2 market share positions in three of our core markets,” he states.

The Menomonee Falls, Wis.-based company manufactures premium-cooking appliances for commercial foodservice kitchens worldwide, Muldowney says. Founder Jerry Maahs started Alto-Shaam in the 1950s.

From its name, some might think All Weather Windows Ltd.’s business is entirely based on its windows and doors, but relationships are actually what keep it strong, Vice President of Manufacturing Scott Walker says. “It’s really been customer-based relationships that keep us growing,” he says. “We do our best to be very loyal to them.”

All manufacturers pride themselves on making products that meet a customer’s need, however industry-specific or technical that need may be. For medical equipment manufacturer and distributor AliMed, meeting customers’ specifications goes beyond seeking input during design and development or producing custom product lines.

Stan Gorzalczynski, vice president of operations at the Ontario-based Wabi Iron & Steel Corp., explains that in general, all industries expect manufacturers to produce high-quality products so adhering to this new norm is no longer a major differentiator.

Producing quality products and meeting customers’ specifications is a given for practically every manufacturing company. For Process Equipment Co. (PECo), quality means not just shipping a product that works for the short term, but producing components and machines that will continue to work for as long as they are needed.

Finding a tool that works and finding a tool that works best are two completely different things. In the manufacturing industry, even slight differences in tools can affect quality, productivity and efficiency. At Lach Diamond – following the model of its affiliated predecessor Lach Diamant of Germany founded in 1922 – the company strives to give its customers the best possible tools for their specific applications.

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