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Those companies who are able to diversify and remain flexible throughout the recession will be among those who come out on top. Willbanks Metals Inc. of Fort Worth, Texas, intends to be one of those firms, according to Ryan Letz, vice president of sales. “The more we diversify, the less im­pact we feel in down markets,” he says.

Byrne Dairy has come a long way since 1933, when founder Matthew V. Byrne bottled and delivered high-quality milk to homes and stores in central New York by horse-drawn wagons. Dedication to quality and never-ending commitment to its customers have led the Syracuse, N.Y., firm to become one of the leading dairy producers and dealers in the industry today.

From R2-D2 to Transformers, robots are beloved the world over. Now, when a robot can actually perform a task nobody wants to do, such as vacuum the carpet, wash the dishes or even clean a swimming pool, people really sit up and pay attention.

Although commercial fryer manufacturer Ultrafryer Systems Inc. offers customizable fryers to ensure customers can easily produce their desired food, some features remain constant. The company’s products are known for superior shortening management, fuel savings and quick recovery times.

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